"Nothing feels better than putting in the time and work it takes to heal yourself, knowing you're a Warrior for your Wellness!"  

"Shed shift and shine so you can show up for your life and serve those you love and care for."


Did you know that each emotional wound is rooted in stuff that just isn’t true?

Until we remove the root, the wound lives and grows, and damages our lives. Often times it damages those we love as well.

When we identify the wounds and pull out the roots, then love can grow.

Until we identify the harmful core beliefs and shift them into beliefs more aligned with who we really are, nothing changes and our lives play out in patterns that are painful, and often destructive. We find ourselves stagnant. Stuck. Lifeless. Repeating Old Patterns again and again.

Sound familiar?

Here's the good news:

Helping you SHED old baggage, beliefs, patterns, habits, addictions, toxic relationships and self defeating behaviors is my specialty.


Helping you SHIFT your energy and mindset for good so you EVOLVE is my jam.  When you have clarity, life is so much easier. I'll teach you how to build momentum on what you want, and stop the madness that is sabatoging your happiness. 


Isn't that what it's all about? Shining that bright light that we were born with so we can show up for our lives, serve those we love the best of ourselves

Your destiny's calling

Showing up is the first step.  Choose a program below that suits you best. 

Working with Edie


Stuck is no fun

Wo+Manifesting Mastermind

shed shift & shine

One on One Coaching & Mindfulness Mentoring  


shed shift & shine

Wo+Manifesting Mastermind

shed shift & shine

My 6 week Transformational Program to take you to your Next Level Life.


Wo+Manifesting Mastermind

Wo+Manifesting Mastermind

Wo+Manifesting Mastermind

Sorry guys, Ladies only here.  Let's W0+Manifest 

like the Badass Creators we were born to be.  Application required upon completion of Shed Shift & Shine

I have the best clients in the world!


Edie is one of a kind. In working with her I laughed, I cried, I healed my inner child and my life is on an incredible trajectory, full of love, joy, and joy. She helped me overcome fear and start my journey living life as the me I want to be. She's incredibly talented and I encourage you all to work with her.  

  -Kate W.   Business Owner & Entrepreneur, 

Los Angeles, CA.


How to put this into words. . . 

Sessions with Edie are amazing.  She is always love-focused, and totally present.  The only item on her agenda is to be with you and provide answers.  She can do that by using the love she is, her intellect, your guides, your family (whether in a body or not), or whatever else it may take.  Every moment spent with Edie is a treasure.

- Greg Eppler, Atlanta, GA


“I have worked with Edie Allen for several years.  As Edie has grown in her gift of transforming lives, mine has been transformed.  I have had challenges with cancer, and Edie has been my healing coach (successfully, I am pleased to report).  Since working with Edie, my life has grown in very positive ways – professionally and personally.  I can now see what life has to offer, and how to create the best for myself.   Edie Allen’s  gifts should be shared with anyone who is ready to receive.”  - Steve W. CEO and Owner of Multiple Companies, Charleston, SC


Edie is a great listener and natural born healer. She keeps a clear mind and listens with her heart, mind and soul.

Through Edie's guidance, I am successfully structuring a major life change while managing an extremely stressful

situation at the same time.  All tough stuff, but Edie's counsel has helped make the unbearable, bearable. She has instilled in me an optimistic

vision of the present and future.  Her follow up and genuine consideration for me and my loved ones is exceptional.

I highly recommend Edie as a life coach! -

-Sandra Cummins, Atlanta GA


In a nutshell, Edie saved my life!  I was carrying around trauma from childhood that was interfering with my ability to live a healthy life.   With her healing touch, teachings and guidance I was able to begin living a healthy, positive life for the first time in my then 38 years.    Almost 10 years later I continue to utilize her teachings and live a truly healthy and happy life.    “There is always a positive in a negative,” open your mind and heart and you will see it!  Kim P - New Jersey 


Working with Edie has changed my life in countless ways.  In fact when a friend asked me in what ways did working with Edie change my life I answered with “It would be much easier to answer what areas she didn’t have an impact on. That would be none.”  

I came to Edie after backing my life into a corner.  I was unhappy in many areas.  Fear was running my decisions, my thoughts, and my health.   I was a classic codependent. Like many people I knew my low self-esteem kept me feeling stuck.

Of course I didn’t fully understand most of this at the time. I just knew I needed help. When I heard Edie’s voice for the first time I thought this is what unconditional love sounds like.  There is nothing easy about personal development work and healing. Thankfully, Edie makes you feel completely supported and loved every step of the way.

In the safe space created for you by Edie you learn, grow, and yes…cry when necessary.  Edie sees your strength when you can’t, finds your good when you’re sure there isn’t any, and holds that space for you until you come to see it and know it for yourself.  

I will forever be grateful for the gift of Edie!  My angel sent from God.  Thanks to her healing, teaching, and coaching I now have the tools that I needed to transform my life into the life of my dreams.

Yes dreams do come true, if, you are willing to do the work required.  Edie is a natural healer and teacher.  She not only gives you the tools and teaches you how to use them, she also refers you to books, teachings, and processes so that you will be able to take care of yourself for a lifetime. 

I now know how to create my own happiness.  There isn’t an area of life where I’m not happy.  I know it’s always my choice.  Sometimes fear creeps in, of course, I'm only human, but now it doesn’t run my life, it’s more like a fleeting thought.  My thoughts are positive and that that spills over into my good health, good communication, and happy family life.  I can also say with confidence that I have overcome most of my codependent tendencies.  Once my self-esteem improved I learned I was never really stuck.  It was all part of my limiting beliefs.  Yet another principle taught to me by Edie.

Like I said earlier, there is no area that Edie didn’t have a major impact on my life.  Every day I appreciate the life I have and I appreciate Edie for making this all possible.  I love her with all my heart and because of her I love myself too.      - -Jen A.  Owner Kindness Squared Happiness Shared Non-Profit , Boca Raton, FL

 "I have come to rely on Edie's advice for many years. God definitely speaks through her. Her intuition is uncanny. She has guided me in healing many deep wounds. She walks the walk and is a most devout student of the Abraham HIcks principles. I also love that she has manifested so many great things in her own life. I think it's important to choose a healer who is also making great things happen in their own lives. Edie is certainly doing that. I'm forever grateful for her help." - Patricia B., health coach, artist and blogger for Rebelle Society ~ Chicago, IL 


Working with Edie was my first experience with Reiki and energy work as well as my first time going to a life coach. Edie was approachable and thorough in her explanation of what the experience would hold. She was incredibly intuitive about my personal energy and underlying emotions and helped to coach me through concepts and ideas about how to apply some of her techniques outside of her healing room. Every time I leave a session with Edie I leave feeling lighter, with more energy and more confident in my ability to manage my energy and emotions independently. Since my initial experience, I've been a regular customer and I've sent many family and friends to Edie for healing and all have loved it and returned!  

Isabelle D. New York, NY

 Having known and loved Edie Allen for over 7 years and spending everyday with her, I can tell you she is the real deal. I have met all of her clients before, during and after their experiences with Edie and I always witness a dramatic shift to the positive. Edie is a lifelong learner and is continually exploring new methods of healing and spirituality. Edie practices what she preaches. She has a lifetime of experience including over 20 years of neuromuscular massage, Reiki master, life and spiritual coach, relationship coach, reverend/marital services and Chakradance. I feel so fortunate to be married to her and know she will always continue to do good for everyone she meets. - 

-(Hubs)Art Graham, Charleston, SC 

"Be Happy On Purpose! Your life Matters. You Matter. When you know that for sure, 

Happiness Happens."

-Edie Allen