Edie Allen



"We are not what happens to us. What we are is

what we offer the world."

Edie Allen

Edie's Story

SHED SHIFT Shine and Serve


Empowerment, Transformational Coach,

Brave Storyteller

Edie Allen has a stunning story of resilience, overcoming adversity, and self-recreation.

Experiencing severe neglect, physical and sexual trauma from an early age, Edie ran away from home at fifteen, cycled in and out of foster care, leaned on alcohol and drugs, and then, at age 27,  began to pull herself out of that life after being properly diagnosed with P.T.S.D. 

A few short years later, she left the nursing profession to become a nationally certified massage therapist introducing Edie to a whole world of non-traditional healing modalities and energy work including Reiki, Jungian psychology, meditation and cutting- edge wellness techniques of psychoneuroimmunology and mindfulness practices. Taking personal develpment into her own hands, studying and learning from the best of the best, she began to heal  

With a heart devoted to helping others and a passion for transformation, Edie became a Certified Professional Life Coach and created a boutique healing practice in 1997 to assist people in a process she calls SHED SHIFT & SHINE. 

"Nothing makes me happier than sharing the tools and methods I've learned in my healing journey to help others SHED what holds them back, SHIFT their energy and beliefs for success and happiness, which then enables them to SHINE like the lights - I believe - we are all meant to be. Then the whole world becomes a healthier, brighter place." 

Drawing from an expansive 30 year career in mental health, personal development, and wellness, as well as her own transformational experiences, Edie is a sought-after life coach, trainer, and educator, having spoken for Lululemon on Empowerment, as well as numerous health and business organizations, including the Medical University of South Carolina in  Charleston, SC. 

Adding SERVE to her own SHED SHIFT & SHINE process, She recently joined with Hollywood’s elite and Rock Royalty to share her story on stage at Steven Tyler’s 2nd annual Grammy Viewing Party Gala for Janie’s Fund in Los Angeles, California, helping to raise more than $2.8 million for girls who’ve suffered from abuse and neglect. She proudly and humbly holds a seat on the Executive Council for Janie's Fund. 

 Edie is passionate about sharing her story with as many audiences as possible in hopes of letting those who still suffer know they matter, and to inspire them to use their voices and stories as a way of empowering themselves. Using her story as a platform for change, she also hopes to educate and inspire groups, organizations, corporations, churches and institutions who have an interest in the subjects she specializes in. 


A Professional Speaker listed with Southwestern Speakers Bureau as well as The RAINN Speakers Bureau (Tori Amos founded Rape Abuse Incest National Network), Ms. Allen is an expert in Personal Development, Empowerment, Transformation, Mindlfulness, Psychoneuroimmunology and Resilience.  

“…I realize how successful I become depends on how much or how well I show up. I simply couldn’t show up before. I was invisible. I was just trying to survive. Now, I'm ready. I've done the work to heal, and I want to inspire others to be Warriors for their Wellness, Bo Eason once said, 'You don't have to be the best story teller, you just have to be the bravest.'  That spoke directly to my soul. I knew it wasn't going to be easy, Sharing my story isn't easy, and will never be easy. Sometimes doing the right thing isn't easy, but when you know it's the right thing to do,and you have a desire to help others, You do it. You do the hard thing."  


Meet Edie

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